Ed Wike

I’ve always been fascinated by plants and animals. From a young age, I would spend hours in the woods and fields observing and trying to figure out how everything worked. My curiosity and desire to learn about nature led me to study biology in college.

After I graduated, I found a job working in a research lab and studying the effects of global warming on the local frog population. It was a great job, but I found myself spending more and more time gardening and researching ways to grow my own food. My passion was slowly taking over!

I got so into gardening that I began to neglect my work and started spending more and more time working on my garden. It was a tough decision, but I eventually decided to leave my job and study horticulture. I’m currently studying to get my degree in horticulture and working on a number of gardening projects around the city.

My goal with this blog is to create an online resource for people who want to learn about what it takes to grow their own food and make their own products. I want to help people live a more self-sufficient lifestyle, but without sacrificing the modern conveniences of modern life.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy,

Ed Wike