Are Ponytail Palms Safe for Cats?

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Are Ponytail Palms Poisonous to Cats?

Ponytail Palms are a decorative indoor plant with long and narrow leaves. It is difficult to find indoor plants that are safe for pets and hence the Ponytail Palm is one indoor plant that has become a popular addition in the homes of cat lovers.

Some people enjoy Ponytail Palm's thick, straw-like leaves, which feel like fingers of hair. Most homeowners, however, love this plant as it grows slowly, doesn't require much care and lasts for a long time.

A question commonly asked is if the Ponytail Palm is a safe plant to have in your home if you also have cats in your home. The answer to this question is that the Ponytail Palm is generally considered safe for pets such as cats and dogs. The plant is also non-toxic for horses. While the Ponytail Palm is relatively safe for cats, you don't want your cat to be too close to the plant. For one, your cat may ruin your perfect Ponytail Palm but you also don't want to risk any harm coming to your cat because of the plant. It is not a poisonous plant but main pet owners are still weary of this plant.

If you are a cat owner, you can't deny the value of scheduling regular checkups with the vet. As a responsible cat-owner, this will help you to ensure your cat is always healthy. At these visits you can even discuss any concerns that you may have with the vet about your cat and the Ponytail Palm plant that you are keeping in your home.

Keeping Cats Away From Your Ponytail Palm

Indoor Ponytail Palm plants can be both a charming addition to your home or a disasterous mess if your cat gets hold of it.

If you are still worried about your darling cat despite the evidence that suggests the Ponytail Palm is non-toxic for cats, here are some options to keep them safe from your palm plant.


The only step to keep your plant safe from your cat is to watch your plant closely. If there are any signs of discoloration or wilting, remove the plant from rooms where your pet will gain easy access to the plant. Monitor your cat and the plant always if you choose to keep the plant in the home.

Move the Plant Outdoors

While the Ponytail Palm is a gorgeous indoor plant, you can still keep the plant but not have to worry about looking over your shoulder to see if your cat is interfering with the plant. You can create an outdoor enclosure for your palm tree. Just be sure to add a little bit of fencing to give your pet his own area in which to poke around the plants.

Plants from the Common-Sense Indoor Plant Company

If you have a cat or dog, it's important to know which plants are safe to have in the home. Common-Sense has a non-toxic range of plants that is widely available and commercially grown. This is an all-natural variety of plants that are specifically safe for you and your pet.


The Ponytail Palm (also called Elephant Foot) is a relatively safe plant, however, many pet owners still feel unsettled to keep this plant in their houses because of their pets. You could do further research on the plant before you choose to buy the plant or you could always move this predominantly indoor plant outside.