Best Hammer Drill: Which Gives The Best Bang For Your Buck

Ed Wike
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You might be asking yourself, “What exactly is an Impact Drill?” Well, an impact drill is a handheld power tool that drives and removes material with the application of mechanical energy. This mechanical energy is delivered by a rotating, toothed, metal pin called an anvil. An impact drill uses rotary power to deliver torque for drilling and fastening applications.

The first impact drill was introduced in 1969, which was used mainly for drilling holes into brick. Since then, however, the impact drill has evolved and refined itself into one of the most used tools in the construction business. Not only is it used for drilling holes through brick walls, but it is used for anything from concrete drilling to SIPs.

Over the years, as technology has advanced, so has the impact drill. Now it is used not only for drilling holes through concrete, but primarily for drilling holes through wood. You might wonder, compared to other tools on the market, why is it used so much? Well, there are three main reasons why it is considered the best tool for the application.

{1}. A straight shaft
{2}. A power performance to weight ratio superior to any other tool.
{3}. The impact drill offers more for the money than any other tool.

Milwaukee 2607-20 1/2'' 1,800 RPM 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Compact Hammer Drill / DriverBest OverallMilwaukee 2607-20 1/2'' 1,800 RPM 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Compact Hammer Drill / Driver