The Best Hummingbird Feeders For Your Garden by Type

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There are three major types of bird feeders for hummingbirds, and each has their own benefits depending on what you want. Which hummingbird feeder you choose will ultimately depend on what will work best in your backyard.

Thistle Feeders are the most common hummingbird feeders for a variety of reasons. The small holes of thistle feeders allow for hummingbirds to easily drink the nectar but also exclude larger wasps and bees. The flowers can last up to a year and you only have to buy food to refill it, not the feeder itself like some other feeders.

Hummingbird flowers are great for those of you who are not able to put up feeders because they can either be grown in the garden or in a hanging basket. However, keep in mind that you have to change the water more often with these since they don’t have an open top.

Grateful GnomeBest OverallGrateful Gnome
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