5 Best Indoor Compost Bins: Which To Pick

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Have you ever tried to raise a seedling only to find out that it wasn’t intended for outdoor growth? So, you just toss the sapling into the trash can because it’s no longer of any use. You want to do better though and take care of those little plants that can’t stand outside.

The solution is to get a compost bin and start your own indoor compost. Sounds easy, right? Actually, it’s a simple and effective way for you to ensure that no living thing goes to waste to enrich your garden soil. You can start a compost pile right in your very own house.

SCD Probiotics All Seasons Indoor ComposterBest OverallSCD Probiotics All Seasons Indoor Composter
Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Compost BinBudget PickUtopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Compost Bin
Worm Factory 360 BlackUpgrade PickWorm Factory 360 Black

1. SCD Probiotics All Seasons Indoor Composter

Our rating: 9 / 10

SCD Probiotics All Seasons Indoor Composter

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  • Very low odor
  • Cute design
  • Comes with two bags of starter mix


  • Very small capacity (5 gallon)
  • Plastic bag is not water proof and has a tendency to smell if it gets too wet
  • Not very durable

The SCD Probiotics bin is a fantastic option for anyone unfamiliar or uncomfortable with composting. It has the odor-free process of bokashi composting along with a fun, cute design.

SCD is 5 gallons, which accommodates a household of two or three people. The bin is essentially an easy-to-use disposal bucket that will keep your kitchen free of smelly compost and will allow you to compost at home.

The main advantage of bokashi composting is that the decomposition process takes place through anaerobic fermentation, which is odorless. This makes it a perfect way to compost indoors and enjoy the organics guilt-free. The SCD Probiotics All Seasons also comes with two starter bags of bokashi starter mix. Simply add your kitchen scraps to the bag, and place into the compost container.

2. Worm Factory 360 Black

Our rating: 8 / 10

Worm Factory 360 Black

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  • Affordable compost bin
  • Has small parts for plenty of composting worms
  • It’s not just for worms, you can grow mushrooms…
  • Quack! Quack!
  • Excellent customer service
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Very easy to clean
  • Aerates, warms, and mixes compost


  • Poor assembly instructions
  • Not suitable for large worms
  • Needs to be placed on a level surface
  • It’s quite large (18 x 16 x 10 inches)

If you’ve never used a compost bin before you might be scratching your head about composting worms. They’re nothing to worry about! They’re actually a vital part of the composting process. Composting worms are not the same thing as earthworms or nightcrawlers; they’re actually red wriggler worms – Wriggler is the brand name for this particular type of composting worm.

The small, red composting worms are a live food source for many species of birds. Plus, they’re excellent composting tools and they’re essential to a successful home composting system.

3. Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Compost Bin

Our rating: 8 / 10

Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Compost Bin

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  • Large capacity with the ability to contain up to 2.2 gallons
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • It’s well-built and high quality, designed with high tensile stainless steel and an elegant satin finish
  • Moreover, it comes with a removable inner bucket and a lid which helps prevent messy spills
  • With the charcoal filter, it can keep undesirable odors out of your kitchen
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Moreover, great value for money

When it comes to indoor compost bins, there are several factors that you should consider before making your choice. One of these factors is the capacity of the bin.

We particularly like the Utopia Kitchen compost bin for its large capacity of up to 2.2 gallons. It’s spacious design makes it ideal for all materials from banana peels to coffee grounds, oatmeal wraps, and grass clippings.

Also, it is made of high tensile stainless steel which is extremely durable and effective in shielding against unwanted odors. It also comes with an easy to clean inner bucket than can be removed and placed in an outdoor compost bin for separation.

4. Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food Recycler and Kitchen Compost Container

Our rating: 5 / 10

Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food Recycler and Kitchen Compost Container

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  • Converts vegetable and fruit scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizer quickly and easily
  • Works in 3 easy steps: add scraps, add water, and press start
  • Works for fruits, vegetables, and herbs of all sizes
  • Sealed locking lid and locking system
  • Comes with a built-in filter that reduces air odor
  • Meets EPA regulations for safe, healthy food waste recycling


  • Can be difficult to get to the bottom of the compost bin
  • Requires frequent filter changes (approximately every two months)

If you want an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your food scraps, you may want to consider purchasing this Food Cycler Platinum. You can use this device to turn your fruit and vegetable scraps directly into compost. The device smoothly turns your scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizer.

This appliance was easy to use, and it worked quickly. I had previously used a Worm Factory, and I would say the process was pretty much the same. Fruit and vegetable scraps go in the device, and it recycles them into compost. The lower the amount of fruit and vegetable scraps that you put into the device, the less fertilizer you will get.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best compost bins?

Here are the recommendations for the best compost bins.

The BioBag bin has a handy lid that allows you to simply lift the lid, add food scraps, and close it again. Then you can walk away and not worry about anything until you are ready to empty it. This bin just needs a quick rinse of the lid depending on the food scraps included. There are a number of sizing options available for different needs.

The winner of the 2016 product of the year award from Bizziebaby, this compost bin has a unique design, hands-free functionality with a foot pedal, convenient removal of the upper heat, and odor reduction with the carbon filter.

The stainless steel compost keeper is ranked one of the best selling compost bins on Amazon with over 1,230 reviews.

How do indoor compost bins work?

The composting process is based on microorganisms which are essential for breaking down organic matter into soil-like material. Enclosed indoor compost bins give these microorganisms the perfect environment to do their job, which includes temperature as well as oxygen levels.

During the process, which can take anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks, the bins are kept closed until the material is completely decomposed. While this is the optimal way to compost, keeping the lids open won’t impact the process. However, if you’re not dedicated to doing it perfectly, keep the lid closed and you’ll have a compost bin ready within a few weeks.

While not all indoor compost bins work the same way, they share a common goal of helping you reduce waste and green your lifestyle. If you have no idea how to start composting, here are a few things you need to prepare:

Where should I put my compost bin in my kitchen?

In terms of placement, it’s best if you can have easy access to the compost bin from the kitchen. You also want to make sure it’s a hidden spot where you can retrieve compostable waste without having to look at it. This may seem minor, but maintaining a constant visual reminder of your compostable waste makes it less likely the food will actually get tossed into the bin.

So, placing a compost bin right outside the kitchen, or in it, is ideal. That way, it’s easily accessible and you don’t have to keep walking past it in order to get from the trash to the sink.

Are compost bins worth it?

I have one in our family kitchen and find it to be one of the best investments we ever made. My kids love it, they always want to go turn it and it’s there to show them how to be eco-friendly every single day. It is a wonderful thing to be able to set an example for your children.

For me as a parent, I feel a weight lifted at times, knowing that I am not wasting as much food as I was in the past. For instance, I may buy 10 tomatoes at the grocery store because I just can’t bear to throw any of them out. Before, I would have thrown at least 3 of them away! But now, I know better.


A good compost bin will, of course, depend on what your ultimate task for the bin will be. If you’re planning to transport and use the compost then you should go with one that can either be thrown in the back of a truck or easily carried. If you’re planning to make compost on site then the need for portability goes out the window and you can go for a larger, sturdier option, perhaps one that’s even slightly over the 100 pound mark.

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SCD Probiotics All Seasons Indoor ComposterBest OverallSCD Probiotics All Seasons Indoor Composter
Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Compost BinBudget PickUtopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Compost Bin
Worm Factory 360 BlackUpgrade PickWorm Factory 360 Black