10 Best Outdoor Storage Sheds: Small, Large, Vertical, & Steel!

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Looking for the best outdoor shed? To call it a shed would be a gross understatement. These things are just massive and make a regular shed look like a dollhouse.

While a regular shed is usually used to store items like gardening equipment or leaf blowers in the backyard, these monster sheds are commonly used to store cars, motorcycles, boats, and all sorts of larger equipment.

Many are used as garages when the owners are living in an apartment or condo, meaning you can park your vehicle inside the shed when it isn’t in use instead of having it taking up precious real estate in the driveway.

Obviously, the features differ immensely between the large, standalone steel sheds and the smaller wood sheds and plastic sheds.

Suncast BMS4900 98 cu. ft. Glidetop Horizontal Storage ShedBest OverallSuncast BMS4900 98 cu. ft. Glidetop Horizontal Storage Shed
The YardStash IV: Heavy DutyBudget PickThe YardStash IV: Heavy Duty
Suncast 8' x 10' Tremont Storage ShedUpgrade PickSuncast 8' x 10' Tremont Storage Shed

1. Suncast BMS4900 98 cu. ft. Glidetop Horizontal Storage Shed

Our rating: 9 / 10

Suncast BMS4900 98 cu. ft. Glidetop Horizontal Storage Shed

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  • Easy assembly
  • Low price for a large storage shed
  • Prevents items from UV rays
  • Great for organization and storage of large items
  • Lightweight for easy transportation


  • Design is not as durable as other horizontal storage sheds
  • Lacks rustproof coating on handles

This Suncast 98-cubic-foot horizontal storage shed can hold a lot of items, including bikes, riding mowers, and gardening equipment. Plus, the reinforced steel frame makes it extremely durable and low maintenance. It also has a tongue and groove design that helps to create an air barrier, which prevents UV rays from warping and fading your items.

This storage can is lightweight and can be moved to any area of your property with ease. The door can be padlocked to prevent unauthorized access to the items stored in the shed, and the rainfly can help protect garden equipment in rainy conditions. There’s a steel tray included that enables you to store liquids inside the shed since it’s impervious to rust.

The only downside is that the handles lack a coating that gives them rust resistance.

2. Hanover HANMLTIWDSHD-Gry 2-in-1 Galvanized Steel Multi-Use Shed

Our rating: 6 / 10

Hanover HANMLTIWDSHD-Gry 2-in-1 Galvanized Steel Multi-Use Shed

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  • Anchor kit included
  • Very compact and portable
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • A viable storage shed option for the price

This multi-use shed is ideal for storage of all sorts, including gardening, firewood, and tools. In addition to being a shed, it can also be used as a small workshop or as a storage space for your lawn mower. It has a steel construction with a corrosion resistant coating designed to hold up in all kinds of weather conditions.

The Hanover HANMLTIWDSHD-Gry firewood storage shed has a flat surface suitable for a number of activities including seating. It also has a drainage spout to eliminate any water accumulation. When assembled, it measures about 4ft x 3ft 3in x 6ft 6in. It requires some assembly when it arrives and sometimes the packaging receives some damage.

Bottom line: This multi-use shed is a viable option for storage for the price. If you want to keep your garden tools handy when you need them and if you want to get your firewood closer to the fireplace… this is a good option. For the price, you are likely to get a shed that will last for several seasons and will keep your firewood dry and fresh until you have a chance to burn it.

3. ShelterLogic 12' x 12' Shed-in-a-Box All Season Steel Metal Peak Roof Outdoor Storage Shed

Our rating: 6 / 10

ShelterLogic 12' x 12' Shed-in-a-Box All Season Steel Metal Peak Roof Outdoor Storage Shed

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  • Durable high-quality steel construction
  • Storage spaces features built-in shelves
  • Cover is packaged, which makes it easy to assemble
  • Comes with heavy-duty reusable auger anchors
  • UV-resistant polyethylene cover is waterproof
  • Large enough for lawn equipment and gardening supplies; also ideal for bikes and sports equipment

Consumer reviews reveal that it is extremely easy to assemble. Plus, the 100% polyethylene cover is very thick and it is UV resistant. The steel construction is not only extremely durable, but it repels various outdoor elements like UV rays, rain, sun, and wind. This means that the steel construction will not fade, warp, or crack in the future.

Be warned: Although the cover does come packaged, there are some reports that it isn't rocket science to put it on.

Furthermore, the steel construction is backed up by a solid warranty from ShelterLogic. The solid warranty shows how confident the manufacturing company is with the quality of their product.

4. Suncast 8' x 10' Tremont Storage Shed

Our rating: 6 / 10

Suncast 8' x 10' Tremont Storage Shed

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  • Waterproof
  • 10' x 8'
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cost efficient
  • Sturdy with roll-up door and lock


  • Size may be too small for some
  • No window
  • Not UV-proof

The Suncast 8' x 10' Tremont Outdoor Storage Shed is equipped with a resin construction with a shingle style roof design and transom windows for use outdoors. It includes 1 locking door with a key and a 6-foot roll-up door to easily entry and exit items.

The Suncast 8' x 10' Tremont is constructed of 4-millimeter thick plastic for durability and comes with 12 wall shelves, two ground stakes for rain, a tool organizer and a set of wall hooks.

5. Rubbermaid FG374901OLVSS Vertical Storage Shed

Our rating: 6 / 10

Rubbermaid FG374901OLVSS Vertical Storage Shed

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  • Excellent weatherproofing and moisture resistance
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Very affordable
  • Very sizable for its price
  • Adds charm to your home


  • Storage shelves are not as sturdy as they should be
  • Sides tend to sag in areas
  • Shingles seem a bit low-quality
  • Color fading can be a problem

This is a summer garden tool shed measuring at 20 x 14 x 9 feet inches with 3 windows and with double hinged doors.

It is made from a powder coated steel frame with polyethylene vinyl and has a 5 year guarantee for UV fading. This means you don’t have to worry about its durability and longevity.

The small vertical tool shed is fully lockable with an electronic keypad lock offering low maintenance costs. The windows are impact resistant and improves ventilation to your stored items.

6. The YardStash IV: Heavy Duty

Our rating: 6 / 10

The YardStash IV: Heavy Duty

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  • Easily convertable to a tent, unlike other storage shed tents
  • 6 feet wide and 6 feet in length
  • Large enough to fit a garden hose and lawn equipment
  • The double zippers allow easy access to the storage space


  • It’s quite complicated to put together
  • The zipper seams are quite weak
  • The tent stakes are too small

The YardStash IV is a large, albeit somewhat complicated, tent that will provide ample storage space for all your gardening paraphernalia. It’s rated to hold up to 1000 pounds of material, which is ample for most things you’d want to store. Simply unzip the tent to provide you easy access to the cargo inside. It has two large mesh side pockets that you can utilize to hold smaller items like rakes, shovels, and pruners. The zipper for this tent and all other parts come with a two year warranty.

7. Arrow 8' x 6' Newburgh Eggshell

Our rating: 5 / 10

Arrow 8' x 6' Newburgh Eggshell

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  • Available at 10×8, 8×6 and 8×4 sizes
  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Tough panels for durability
  • Four double doors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lifetime warranty

For families who need plenty of space for gardening tools, storage, or recreation gear, the 8' x 6' Arrow Shed is a smart choice. This shed comes in a wide variety of options, sizes, colors, and gable/low-pitch roofs, and the galvanized steel construction gives it the perfect combination of durability and low-maintenance for harsh outdoor environments.

When combined with a pair of double doors with full-length extension, the Arrow Shed can provide the ideal storage solution for just about any residential property or business location.

8. Rowlinson Secure Storage Shed

Our rating: 3 / 10

Rowlinson Secure Storage Shed

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  • Very affordable
  • Great for storing tools and your gear
  • Durable weatherproof polythene with a greenhouse-style roof
  • The yellow color blends into gardens
  • Strong steel shelter and foundation
  • Anti-tamper locks with C-rated steel bolts


  • Very small for most needs
  • A little short if you’re tall
  • Not suitable for storing vehicles

The Rowlinson Secure Storage Shed is designed for smaller storage needs at just 8’ x 6’ x 6’. It’s very affordable, yet well made and sturdy.

It features a weatherproof yellow polythene roof, and walls in two sheets. The green color lets the storage shed blend into garden landscapes. Its foundation features durable heavy-duty sheet steel and must be bought separately. A C-rated steel bolt provides security, and it comes with two keys.

As one of the more expensive small storage sheds on our list, it’s made of weatherproof polythene for protection against the elements and features a double bolt lock.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best outdoor storage sheds?

The best outdoor storage sheds are the ones that best meet the demands of homes and lifestyles. Larger sheds work best for families because they not only allow for storage of bikes, sports equipment and lawn tools, but provide room for children to play, sleep, or have fun in the backyard. The optimal size should also be flexible, able to adapt to your changing needs. Unless you’re a pro contractor, a large metal storage shed is your best bet. But take note of our vertical storage sheds for small homes.

Storage sheds can be made of steel, wood, or concrete. There are sheds with windows, sheds with skylights. Storage sheds can be wood framed, steel framed, or concrete block, and they can even be free-standing.

Steel storage sheds are your best bet, the strongest of all material choices. They have a high moisture resistance, offer good protection from the elements, and are fire resistant.

What is the best type of storage shed?

There are four major types of storage sheds. With each type, there are different benefits to consider. Here are the main categories:

A. Outdoor Storage Sheds – These are available in buildings that are freestanding, vertical, and barns. Whether it’s made of wood, steel, or plastic, it should have adequate protection from the weather. Outdoor sheds should be used mainly for outdoor activities, such as gardening, sports, and fun. They are also a great way to organically recycle your trash. For instance, an old shed can double as a compost bin where you can dispose of organic waste. Nowadays, people use their storage sheds as an additional living space or even an extra bedroom. So, if it’s big enough, you can easily get away with turning it into a playroom for your kids. For optimal storage efficiency, choose vertical metal sheds that have shelves built in.

What type of shed lasts the longest?

It’s important to consider the future use of your storage shed. If you’re looking for the most durable option, metal is the way to go. It’s a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use, it’s weather resistant, and it can handle rust very well. If you need to store your shed in an area that’s probably not going to get rained on, metal is not a good option. In that case, for outdoors, hard plastic and for indoors, wood make great choices.

For wood, cedar and redwood have the longest life cycle. They also make a great choice if you want to build your shed in a location that’ll be constantly rained on. Among them, redwood is the best option if you want your shed to last a lifetime.

How much can fit in a 10×12 shed?

The floor space of a 10×12 shed measures 120 sq. ft. This may seem small, but in reality you can store things like backyard toys, garden equipment, and work tools in this space. You can even convert a shed into a small workspace for your home office.


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Suncast BMS4900 98 cu. ft. Glidetop Horizontal Storage ShedBest OverallSuncast BMS4900 98 cu. ft. Glidetop Horizontal Storage Shed
The YardStash IV: Heavy DutyBudget PickThe YardStash IV: Heavy Duty
Suncast 8' x 10' Tremont Storage ShedUpgrade PickSuncast 8' x 10' Tremont Storage Shed