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Never heard of rooting hormones? Rooting hormone is used to help a plant to develop roots on a cutting so that it can be easily transplanted into soil. It is a synthetic hormone that helps create root-like structures ideal for a plant during the rooting process.

Gardeners use multiple methods for producing a plant identical to an existing plant, taking a cutting is usually the simplest way. Propagating by cutting is especially well suited to the indoor gardening plants that tend to grow well from cuttings. Even those who aren’t familiar with advanced gardening concepts and are just trying to clone a favorite plant from a planter can often be successful with cuttings.

Cuttings from some plants, such as ivy and Dieffenbachia, root easily in plain water. Others need a little encouragement, and that’s where rooting hormone comes in. Rooting hormones are chemicals that stimulate the growth of new roots on cuttings.

Finding the best rooting hormone is somewhat a matter of personal preference because most rooting hormone products are very similar. Read this article to better understand them and find the most suitable ones for your indoor gardening needs.

HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting GelBest OverallHydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel
DIP N Grow DG00201 Liquid Hormone Concentrate Rooting SolutionBudget PickDIP N Grow DG00201 Liquid Hormone Concentrate Rooting Solution
Garden Safe Take Root Rooting HormoneUpgrade PickGarden Safe Take Root Rooting Hormone

1. HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel

Our rating: 9 / 10

HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel

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  • Clonex is a high performance, water-baseda rooting compound
  • Contains a full spectrum of mineral nutrients and trace elements to nourish young roots during their formative stages
  • Supplies hormones to promote root cell development
  • Provides vitamins to protect delicate, new root tissue
  • Ensures root production on cuttings of plants
  • Gel formula seals cut tissue around stem
  • Suitable for starting a variety of cuttings
  • Contains IBA to stimulate root growth
  • Requires no mixing or mess


  • More expensive than some rooting hormones

Clonex Rooting Gel is a high-performance, water-based rooting gel developed by Growth Technology Ltd. It is a tenacious gel that will contact the stem, sealing the cut tissue and supplying the hormones needed to promote root cell development.

Since 1988 Clonex Rooting Gel has led the way in plant propagation with billions of clones successfully rooted, including virtually every plant species known to man.

The Clonex formulation has been fine-tuned to give the explosive root development. For this reason, serious growers and plant nurseries depend upon it for successful and profitable plant propagation. It is completely alcohol-free.

2. DIP N Grow DG00201 Liquid Hormone Concentrate Rooting Solution

Our rating: 8 / 10

DIP N Grow DG00201 Liquid Hormone Concentrate Rooting Solution

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  • Customer support is great
  • Works well for either hydroponics or soil
  • Works well with any type of cutting, including flowering/flowering tips
  • Liquid concentrate
  • Easily diluted with water to the necessary strength
  • formula contains two root-inducing auxins.
  • Alcohol is used as the solvent for the active ingredients
  • Self-sanitizing
  • Cross-contamination problems are eliminated


  • Makes the soil very sticky and moist
  • Take care not to overapply the solution
  • It is hazardous for humans and animals, so you will want to think carefully about how you dispose of it.

Dip n Grow DG00201 Liquid Hormone Concentrate Rooting Solution is one of the most effective rooting hormones available. Propagators at nurseries and universities nationwide have increased their yields with this seed-starting product and found Dip 'n Grow to be more economical and easier to use than other rooting agents.

The Dip N Grow is a great inexpensive rooting hormone which is why it made our list of top picks. The product is easy to use and can be used as a Hydroponic or Soil application. You can use it to root virtually any cutting, including flowering/flowering tips.

3. Garden Safe Take Root Rooting Hormone

Our rating: 7 / 10

Garden Safe Take Root Rooting Hormone

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  • Simple, ready-to-use
  • Use to grow cuttings from your favorite plants, including African Violets, Roses, Poinsettias, Philodendrons, Geraniums, Coleus, Woody Ornamentals, and other popular gardens greenhouse varieties.
  • An easy, inexpensive way to multiply your plant supply and share garden favorites with others
  • Contains ingredients derived from natural sources
  • Does not dissolve plants or their leaves
  • The active ingredient Indole-3-Butyric Acid promotes the development of roots on the most popular home, garden and greenhouse plant varieties.
  • This ingredient is similar to the rooting hormone that naturally occurs in plants, indole-3-acetic acid.

Garden Safe products keep pest and disease control simple – and let nature do the rest. With naturally based and botanically derived formulas chosen to take on garden pests, Garden Safe products help fruits and veggies thrive right up until they’re harvested. Get your baskets ready.

If you’re looking for a quick way to root cuttings safely, you may want to consider checking out the Garden Safe Take Root Rooting Hormone, 2-Ounce. This two-pack of hormone is great for rooting cuttings of flowers, herbs, plants, and fruit trees.

This safe rooting compound dissolves easily and can be used in a wide variety of containers. Unlike some other rooting compounds, the Garden Safe Take Root Rooting Hormone is made from ingredients derived from natural sources so that it won’t dissolve your plants or leaves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best rooting hormone?

Rooting hormones or rooting compounds are substances that promote root growth and help with the transplanting process. They are popular with indoor gardening and horticultural enthusiasts.

The best rooting hormone is Clonex Rooting Gel. As its name suggests, the Clonex Rooting Gel is neither a liquid nor a powder, but instead, a gel formulated to stick to the cutting’s stem. This gel has proven its worth, one of the most popular rooting hormones and often used in professional settings.

To use it, you’ll have to dip the cutting into the gel far enough to seal the cut, after which you can pot it up in your desired potting medium. The cutting will root in one or two weeks if the growing conditions are favorable, and the strong formula will provide nourishment in the root development stages.

You won’t need a lot of product for each cutting, which means a single 3.4 fl. oz. / 100 ml bottle will last you ages.

Do rooting hormones really work?

Yes, they do, if you use them according to the manufacturer’s instructions and this guide. Rooting hormones work well to propagate many types of houseplants, indoor trees, and succulents from a wide variety of cuttings, including leaves, stems, and roots.

How long does it take for a rooting hormone to work?

The rate of action is very dependent on the underlying plant. Some plants root within 1-2 weeks, and others can take several months.

Is there a substitute for rooting hormone?

Many people recommend apple cider vinegar or cinnamon as rooting hormones alternatives. However, since many gardeners use vinegar to kill weeds and garden pests, we recommend you do your homework thoroughly before attempting to use household products or spices as rooting hormones.

  • Use only a teaspoon of vinegar instead of a rooting hormone.
  • Pour a tablespoon of cinnamon on a paper towel, roll the sticky stem ends in that towel, and then plant the rolled paper and stems in a pot with potting soil.
  • Honey is a good bacteria killer, too. You can smear some honey directly on your cutting or, if you want, mix up a tea of 1 tbsp. (15 mL.) honey in 2 cups (480 mL.) boiling water. Cool the tea back down to room temperature before using it, and store it in a dark place.

We have never tried this, so we cannot vouch for such practices.


Gardeners use rooting hormones to stimulate buds and stems and various plants to start growing faster. While this guide specifically talks about rooting stems on plants like potatoes, the information about rooting hormones can apply to any plant for growing cuttings, as long as the product you choose is designed for your particular plants.

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HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting GelBest OverallHydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel
DIP N Grow DG00201 Liquid Hormone Concentrate Rooting SolutionBudget PickDIP N Grow DG00201 Liquid Hormone Concentrate Rooting Solution
Garden Safe Take Root Rooting HormoneUpgrade PickGarden Safe Take Root Rooting Hormone