Kumquat Tree Care: How to Grow Kumquats

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Quick Care Guide

Kumquats are a very popular small tree suitable for container growing with a small flowering tree such as ornamental grasses. The citrus tree blooms in the early spring, producing small white flowers.

Kumquat care is a breeze because the tree produces its own fertilizer and pest control. The tiny fruit it produces are yummy! They are a real treat for even the most sophisticated palettes. Since the kumquat tree is a heavy bearer, frequent fruit harvesting is necessary. A branch-bending tree, the kumquat branches come down to within 3 feet of the ground.

The kumquat fruit is eaten either fresh or used in cooking. Those with a sweet tooth really enjoy this fruit. It is sweet and sour and has a tiny, easily bite-able peel.

Kumquat care is very simple. Watering is the only real requisite. Since the tree comes from a subtropical region, it is designed to tolerate dry conditions. A once-a-week application of water is fine. If you have no in-ground sprinkling system for your container shrub, you may want to water your plants every night.

Kumquat Varieties

Kumquats are small orange fruit that look like little orange kumquats. True kumquats (Fortunella spp.) are ribbed and rounded, and they sit on branches of their parent plant, mimicking a mini fruit tree. Ross, a type of kumquat, is more round than ribbed;