Blue Java Banana: The Ice Cream Banana Plant

Blue Java Banana plants (also known as ice cream banana or blue Java) forms a symbiotic relationship with a type of fig wasp. The fig wasp eats its way into the fruit and the fig becomes the wasp’s nesting site. After mating, the female wasp lays its eggs and the eggs develop right inside the fig. In turn, the wasp larvae feed on the fig pulp and the skin of the ripe fruit. The relationships is superbly beneficial for all 3 players. The wasp fig provides food for dozens of wasps, the wasp larvae get a safe haven to grow, and the banana plant reproduces through pollination.

Salvia Sonomensis: Sonoma Sage Ground Covers

Planting a Salvia sonomensis is a delightful way to bring an element of bloom to a garden or pot. Find out more about Sonoma Sage Ground Covers, the perfect choice for xeriscaping.

Cow Manure: How to Turn Poop into Peat

How to make black gold from cow dung? How to turn poop into peat moss? Cow manure composting is a viable and sustainable way to produce peat moss and soil amendments.