Garden Grow Guide

How to Build a Garden Pond

The best way to start a garden pond from scratch. It’s extremely satisfying to see the pond come together and become alive one drop of water at a time.

Foliar Feeding and Fertilization in Hydroponics

Want to make your own organic fertilizer for hydroponics without destroying the whole neighborhood? Here is how to foliar feed and fertilize your plants using natural plant products and common ingredients.

What are Total Dissolved Solids?

TDS refers to the amount of dissolved solids found in water. Here are TDS levels of various beverages and foods + measuring TDS in your own home.

Seasonal Flowers Growing Guide

A complete guide to seasonal flowers for landscaping and gardens. I’ve compiled the best selection of flower seeds for different seasons.

How to Plant Microgreen Seeds

Microgreens are highly nutritious foods that you can grow indoors at home. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to plant microgreen seeds.